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Traffic Court


is a very interesting place.

I went there a week ago — this happens if you neglect to get the tags on your ancient car renewed on time.  Ahem.  Anyway, any budding authors out there?  Well, I know exactly where you might go to get inspiration. The stories abound.

I really should have known that I was in for a bit of an odd experience when I showed up, wearing my casual t-shirt, cardigan, jersey skirt and flip flop combination that I had been wearing all day — and they asked me if I was a lawyer.  Do lawyers wear flip flops now?  Well, you know, at this court, I think that they just might.

Other highlights:

  • Seeing a lawyer that I’ve seen on billboards around town.  I recognized his eye-patch.
  • Feeling like I was in high school as the crowd was continually shushed and cell phones taken by those in authority.
  • Hearing LOTS of interesting names….like the 18 year old kid that got his trial postponed.  His name?  Dorian Gray.

It was a funny experience and motivating, too.  The next time my plates are due I’ll renew.

I hope that y’all had a good Monday!

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