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Happy Friday, Y’all!


I hope that this finds y’all having a great day.

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week:

Noise Trade is a music site that has free, legal downloads from all kinds of bands. They also have a blog. Way cool.

I’ve been waiting for a  year, nearly, to make this Coconut-Lime Semifreddo with Mango.  I made it tonight and we’ll eat it tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that it turns out great!  It just seemed very Cinco de Mayo-ish to me.

They are reading this book, An Everlasting Meal,  on a blog that I read.  It looks really interesting.  Have any of y’all given it a read, yet?  Hmmmm.

Another food book that I’ve recently read but haven’t cooked anything from yet is Jamie Oliver’s, Meals in Minutes.  In it, he cooks an entire meal in, like, half an hour, and tells you specifically how to do it, too.  I’ve already bookmarked some of the salads and desserts.  Plus, I like the way he has methodically fit it all together like a great jigsaw puzzle.  Is the whole technique awesome?  Yes.  Will I be able to employ it for my army?  Probably not.  But I really like the ideas behind it all and I admire anyone who tries to get folks to cook and value cooking and good food in this busy world.

I’ve been reading The Autism Revolution, lately.  My first thought is that I think that this is a really good book and that every doctor who sees an autistic patient should read it with his mind wide open.  I’m still in the middle — already I will say that I wished that everyone with a dog in the autism fight would just be as reasonable as the authors of this book.  Come together, people, please.

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three will be performing for free at the Saint Louis Art Museum on June 22nd.  I can’t even express how exciting  this is.  We saw him at the Whittaker Music Festival last August.  It was one of my favorite concerts, ever.  I remember just sitting there, listening to the music,  thinking that both my parents and grandparents would have found it equally entertaining….and there aren’t many musicians that you can say that of.  See you there?

I really like this bedroom.  Both versions are good with me….though I can’t get into monogrammed linens.  Not for me and my dirty bunch.  That isn’t happening.  There is possibility and then there is reality.  And, if reality has me doing more laundry than I’m already doing, well then, count me out.  Can I get an amen?

Finally, I’m so excited to see that the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is on its way.  I really want to get this cookbook and I haven’t even seen it yet.  I rarely buy books these days,  but, I don’t know, maybe I’ll actually purchase this one.  All Deb’s recipes are just right….I mean, look at that french toast casserole!

Okay, that’s all the coherence (or semblance of it, anyway) that will be issuing forth from here tonight.

Grimm’s on y’all!  I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!  And, don’t forget the new Sherlock that comes on PBS this weekend, I think.

Okay, over and out.  And, Happy Friday!





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