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Song for Saturday


Hey y’all!  I hope that you’re all having a pleasant Saturday.

I’m cooking:

pumpkin bread, lasagna, salad dressing, roasted broccoli, chicken salad, hummus….maybe some other stuff, too.

I’m cleaning:

everything.  Cleaning is such a sisyphean thing, isn’t it?  And, yet, I feel so much better when it’s done.

I’m making:

an apron from a men’s dress shirt I mistakenly bought (and couldn’t return, duh!) to the Goodwill.  I think it’ll be a good project.  Pictures if it turns out well!

I’m listening:

to this cover of  Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” by John Legend.  He does the whole thing a cappella.  I like it.

Happy Saturday, everybody!!!


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