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Y’all know all that I had planned for yesterday?

Yes. That all didn’t get done.

No, instead, I sat in traffic some yesterday.

It wasn’t terrible, though, the not getting everything done. Why? I guess that I expect it. Mainly because I always plan more than I can get done….which makes me optimistic? Or, possibly overly ambitious? Or just dumb because it almost always happens?

Unfortunately, I think it may be all of the above.

But, back to yesterday….

I had driven Jon and E to the zoo so that they could have some Daddy and son time. Which was a good idea, of course, until we remembered that there was a St. Patrick’s Day parade that was going right by the zoo. Not only that, but I ran into the parade right after dropping them off — not actually ran into the parade, though I did have to do a u-turn right in front of the first float.

I continued back home but stopped on the way to go to the library.

And, then a huge storm came. We were waylaid in the library for thirty minutes. Then, I got home and made some coffee. About ten minutes later, I got a call that the storm was bearing down on the zoo and could I head back over. Which I did.

Traffic again…only even more entertaining traffic since it included an incredible thunder storm and hail and lightning and fire trucks and very, very sodden St. Patrick’s Day revelers on their way back home. I know that it is fun to wear ridiculous clothing and go to a parade. I get that. What I now know is that the ridiculous looks exponentially more so when soaking wet… that guy with the green and white polka dotted dress…yep, him and several hundred others.

I wished that I’d brought my camera.

I’m off to accomplish some of what I didn’t yesterday.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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