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First Day of School


First Day of School
Today is the first day of school for Jon and for all the boys. Whew. I hope that the boys are doing okay. They all walked into the building this morning without looking back — but they did let me give them each a kiss before they left — so that was okay. I think that we’re all kind of tired of each other at the moment, so that worked to our advantage. The youngest and I did errands this morning to take my mind off them being at school and to take his mind off the fact that he wasn’t allowed to go to school with them. And, after three stores, a run through at McD’s, car keys left in a store, purse dumped by three year old (in a parking lot) while he was trying to help look, waking up before the sun, a malfunctioning van door, the dog up on the couch where he is forbidden, my yelling at the dog, the boys laughing at me when I was yelling at the dog (they were in the van and I was in the house and they still heard me — I know, so very ladylike), a forgotton camera, a return trip for a camera, many bathroom accidents, the youngest jumping on me while I was sleeping, me thinking that I would put in my 2 week notice if this was a job that I could quit, the youngest who is having problems hearing words unless I have repeated myself at least 4 times — all day long — and eating a piece of chocolate cake, I would like to say that I am *so* not ready for the next round.


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