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His Acorn Is Working


His Acorn Is Working
For those of you who don’t have a clue about the title of this post, I’ll explain briefly. I tried to potty train my youngest a few months ago. I failed. And we decided to try later. But, during the first try at training, my son said to me, “Can’t do it. My acorn isn’t working.” I’ll leave you to guess what his acorn is.

So, today, I decided to try again. Jon and the other boys had plans to be in and out, and we didn’t even have electricity to distract us, since it went off in yesterday’s storm. He did a pretty good job and ended up eating lots of chocolate (as treats) before the day was up. He is a funny little boy. After what was like, his third accident of the morning, I called out to him, “Are your underwear still dry?” He replied, “Yes.” I asked, “What are you doing over there?” His answer, “Oh, I’m playing in this puddle.” Lovely.

The good thing is that, when I’m done buying diapers for him, I’m done buying diapers.


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