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is where I am. Pioneer Woman is coming to town today. I sort of want to go, and I sort of don’t want to go. Hmmmmm.

The cupcakes from a few days ago turned out really well. The recipe for the coconut ones is straight from Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa, and can be found here. There might not be a point in EVER trying a new recipe. These were awesome. The only change I made was to make the cupcakes smaller. I like small cupcakes — don’t know why. Maybe so I can justify eating another?

I’m going to also share the recipe for the Irish Coffee cupcakes. But, I have to wait until I have a picture of it to share. Because, it is a cupcake with a secret, a really yummy secret, and I think that an image is needed. That’s a problem since we already ate them all. Oh well. Time to make more!

Okay…my laundry is calling. The ironing, too. Also, the kitchen and my dog who is still unfed at 9:43 am. Poor dog.

I’m going to get on this Saturday stuff, y’all. Hope that your day is great!


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