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Fun Little Video


Fun Little Video

I just love this cute little video. It is a stop action video of a bookshelf arranging and then re-arranging. The music reminds me of a Wes Anderson movie, for some reason.

On several of the design blogs that I read, people have debated (and debated and debated) over whether arranging books by color is desirable or not. I have to admit to really liking organizing books by color, though I’ve not yet attempted it. It’s sort of all I can do to keep books on the shelf. I’m not yet to the Weasley point of stacking books three deep on the mantle piece, but, you never know. Of course, I’d first have to get a mantle first — someday, I hope.

Watch the video to the end for credits of books used. You might even see a title that you’d like to check out.

Happy Friday!

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