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Boo to the Rainy Monday


Boo to the Rainy Monday
Well, my apple picking outing was sabotaged last week by sickness and this week by rain, rain, and more rain. Boo. Of course, I could pick apples any day, but the frugal girl who inhabits a large part of my consciousness just won’t allow it. On Modays, one doesn’t have to pay the entry charge at the orchard. They call it the “Apple Knocker Day” and it is for hard core pickers — or so they say on the website. Maybe next Monday.

I’m searching for new recipes to make for the family. Well, for the 5 members of the family that eat food on a regular basis. My 6 year old has basically decided that he doesn’t like food unless it comes in a bag that you get at a drive thru (we rarely do this, so why he likes it so — I have no idea), or is white bread, or certain kinds of cheese, or perhaps pineapple. He hasn’t resorted to photosynthesis, yet, but he is getting kind of close. Someday, when he writes his autobiography, it will probably be entitled, Bread and Cheese for Dinner. But, I digress. What I really wanted to say, was that I found this page with lots of recipes that I want to try. Just mostly simple, basic food. Most of it I can change to be gluten-free, too. And, of course, I should say that I will be converting the recipes so that they can mostly be made with ingredients purchased at Aldi. There she is again, that frugal girl. But, with all but one of my children eating like crazy there is no affording Whole Foods. There just ain’t.

Guess I’ll go now. My big goal for today is to alter my winter pants. It seems like the coolish weather might be here to stay, so my waistbands must be altered so that I don’t feel like I’m going to lose my pants while walking in the parking lot after church. Because, you know, that would be truly awful.

Happy rainy Monday, y’all.


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