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Things These Boys Say….


Things These Boys Say….

After hearing me say the word “reckon” in a sentence, #1 said, “Mom, why do you say that word, reckon? Is it because you’re from west……Alabama?”

The other day, #2 was talking to his brother about the different kinds of precipitation that we get here in St. Louis, “You know, snow is kind of just rain, only frozen. They are both made of the same thing — water. Snow is just a lot colder, and, you know, it tastes better.”

#3 joined me in bed one morning last week. He often does this, but he usually just communicates by nods and giving me little smooch as a good morning greeting. This particular morning he was obviousely thinking about something. I told him “Good Morning” and gave him a kiss. He responded by asking me, “Mom, why is there gravity on Earth?”

#4 can now tell what we’re having for dinner just by looking at the ingredients that are out on the counter and by the pots and pans on the stove. Before dinner the other night, he walked through and said, after looking around, “Oh, pasta, I WUB pasta.”

My precious sons.


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