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Totally Pitiful


Totally Pitiful
is how I’d describe my blog presence and lack thereof over the last month.

I apologize to any of you optimistic enough to occasionally mosey on over here or, heaven forbid, send me an email.

My internet availability has been choppy at best. But, I shall hope that it remains as it is now. I have three bars, y’all. Three! Yippee!

We have been on spring break this past week. My boys all had the same week off (yippee, again) and so we took off for Alabama and left dear Jon here to work and dissertate, bless his heart.

So, over the past week, we have been swimming at a hotel pool with Mama Susie, Aunt Deana, and NeffyPoo.

We have eaten all kinds of delicious food. Besides Mama Susie’s always yummy fare we have also partaken of pizza and more doughnuts than should be consumed by otherwise (sort of) intelligent people.

We visited a working historical farm where the boys ground corn, milked a model cow, learned about blacksmithing and banged on an anvil.

We also toured the adjoining wildlife area by riding on a trailer featuring old movie seats pulled by a kuboda. The mud was deep and the ride was beautiful.

We visited a gorgeous cypress swamp.

We got sunburned and caught a beautiful bass and a pretty brim.

I learned how to take a fish off a hook and not hook myself.

We watched movies. We put together jigsaw puzzles.

I toured my hometown during a rainy morning and saw the changes that have come in recent years.

We saw old friends and looked with fondness at picture albums.

This is me, circa 1983.

We returned safely to a Jon who missed us and a Conanner-dog

who was so morose in our absence that he ate one bite of food in three days. Now we are back and he is delighted to eat his food and herd us once more.

My boys and their Papa Joe before we headed out this morning. And then chaos level in northwest Alabama decreased significantly as Barlows headed northward.

Spring Break, hip hip HOORAY!


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