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Occasionally, I Visit Design Websites,


Occasionally, I Visit Design Websites,
and catch up on what’s going on. Now that my internet is super-fast again, I’ve been catching up on the Sneak Peeks section of Design Sponge. Well, there is a home on there, and, y’all it is very, very gorgeous.

Click here to give it a look. It is a lovely brownstone with lots of white, lots of detail, beautifully carved wood and much, much more.

Everything about it wouldn’t go with my life — I mean, I would probably end up in the ER just trying to get my Kitchenaid off the shelf, not to mention all of the collections and the lovely white. But, you know, I can dream (not about the ER/Kitchenaid part, of course).

It’s something to drool over.

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