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I can’t believe that I’m blogging about yet another cookie….but I am. I think that I might have a baking problem. And, for the record, I think that snickerdoodle is like the funniest cookie name, ever.

Not to change the subject, but have y’all seen the ad on this site that has the gal with the insane abs? Yes…no? That advertisement has 4 effects on me.

1) It causes me to briefly regret the washboard abs I myself had long ago and far away in another lifetime when I also didn’t know anything about all the things that my life is full of now.
2) It makes me laugh semi-hysterically. I mean, those abs are outrageous.
3) It drives me to say, “Who cares!” and “Who has time for that?” and “Is that such a big deal?”
4) It reminds me that I really, really love to eat.

And that brings me and my ab thoughts full circle. Sorry about that tangent.

Okay. So, I made some snickerdoodles today. Jon took one bite and then said, “Best snickerdoodle I’ve ever eaten!” This is high praise, indeed. My Jon knows his cookies,y’all!

Once again, I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I followed the recipe as written. As far as size goes, I made smaller scoop cookies, 1 T. (or so) sized. Also, I took them out the second they looked done. Finally, I used parchment paper and would suggest you use it too — should you decide to try this recipe.

Crunchy around the outside and soft in the middle. These cookies are my favorite snickerdoodle ever, too. Wait…crunchy around the outside and soft in the middle…sounds a little bit like me. Oh well, washboard abs…who cares?

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