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How To Hang A Christmas Ornament


How To Hang A Christmas Ornament

Let me show y’all something.

Do you see this little angel here? This is an ornament from my childhood.

My youngest is a holiday fanatic. He is perpetually excited about whatever holiday is coming next. He’s been playing with some of the Christmas ornaments lately. And, I let him, if the ornaments are not breakable. This ornament is definitely in the okay-to-play-with category since it is made of pewter, or something. The other day I saw it laying around and asked him to put it back on the tree so that it wouldn’t be misplaced.

This is what I got. Ask a little boy to hang an angel and what you get is an angel impaling.

Now that I think about it, her expression sort of fits the look she might have on her face were she actually being impaled.

So I suppose that it made sense in the little boy mind. I can only guess.


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