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Making Garments and Other Updates

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Making Garments and Other Updates

Well, I made my first article of clothing this week. Jon has dubbed it my “Laugh In” shirt. I made a tunic out of some very 60s looking fabric to get my feet wet with this whole endeavoring-to-make-garments thing. I think that it was a good first choice. I did learn a lot during the course of making it and hope that the knowledge will serve me well when I make a dress this week. Well, hopefully it will only take a week to make the dress. You never know. I just wanted a dress to wear to church and didn’t really want to buy a ready-made one. I actually have no skirts or dresses that I wear these days. The other day, Baby E saw my legs without pants over them and looked at them with great curiosity. I bet he was thinking, “Wow, so that is how she has been getting around. Legs….who would have known?” So I’m making an effort toward some feminine clothing. We shall see if I’m successful.

In other news, Miss Liz continues to improve and seems to be her hearty self when I talk to her on the phone.

Also, I am now officially a germ-a-phobe. My dear Jon has installed a Purell dispenser right by the front door.

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