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My Crazy Man


My Crazy Man
First off, I’m not referring to Jon, my wonderful man, with the title above. True confession time: I’m a crazy people watcher. What am I talking about? Well, I do enjoy people watching, in general. But what I really enjoy is to watch, um, unusual folks that I see regularly. Like my crazy man. He is a man that I’ve been watching for years. I used to see him many times a week while driving to and from the boys’ school. What an entertaining guy. He has wild eyes. And he is always walking faster than everyone else and looking around — not at the ground or distractedly at nothing like everyone else does. He looks at the world like he really enjoys seeing it. I would always know it was him from far away just by the angle of his cap. Mostly, I used to see him at a bus stop on Page. (He is the only person that I’ve ever seen wait there.) He was almost always singing. And not just a tune kind of softly, to himself, but like he was on stage in New York. Belting it out. Million-dollar smile. Bringing down the house.

But then, I didn’t see him for months. Seriously, I would look for him every day. And I thought that he was either incarcerated, sick, or dead. It made me kind of disappointed thinking that I’d never see him again. So you can imagine my surprise at seeing him today at the grocery store. I almost asked him where he had been. It is funny how you can miss someone that you don’t even know. But, I did miss him. And I’m really glad that he is back.

Sing on, crazy guy.


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