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As you blog readers know, I don’t have any girl children. 4 boys. So I can’t really make any general comparisons between the two. What I can say is that I have a love/hate attitude about the physical-ness of boys. I don’t know if girls are like this, but my boys are just so physical. It sort of wears me out. And I don’t understand it. Like how they love to wrestle and roll down hills while scrapping with each other, etc. Even now, my baby tries to push me out of the way and push himself out of my arms. They know that they are doing it, sometimes, but I think that it is just their nature, too, and something that you have to find an outlet for. I use it to my advantage, on occasion. Like yesterday. I was really tired, and I was waiting for part of the dinner to get done. The baby wanted me to continually hold him while I was trying to do stuff. So, what did I do? I decided to lie down on the floor. I got a little rest while my delighted baby crawled all over me. He totally loved it. So we both got what we wanted for 5 minutes. I think I’ll be doing this again. Only next time I’m going to tuck my hair in my shirt. Last night I found out that hair is slippery — and if your baby slips on your hair you are probably going to get kneed in the eye or nose or mouth. Still, an activity worth repeating.


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