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You know, one great thing about having a ton of freckles is that when you nearly wack your finger off with a chef’s knife and blood spatters everywhere — it just blends in on your skin. Thankfully, it stopped bleeding. I didn’t even really care about my finger, but the thought of losing my time by sitting in an ER was really making me mad. Of course, I was mad at myself for being so dumb by cutting myself. That reminds me — I think that I need a new (really good) chef’s knife. It is like the Murphy’s Law of parenting that when you really injure yourself — there is no help to be found. My helpful 6 year old was at the neighbor’s apartment, my baby wanted down NOW from the high chair, and my 8 year old was having a meltdown over the dvd control and the game that he was trying to do and dear Jon was in the basement on the phone with a client. Crazy.

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