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Pretty, Pretty Home Tours


I don’t know about you, but I love a good home tour.

Not a show home, mind, but a real house, where real people live.

I’ve found some great gems lately, and in an effort to get them all in one place and to share the prettiness, I’ve linked them below.

It’s funny, most people are really clear about what their style is. I don’t really know about mine, but I can see many similarities in these houses and in my own choices in my home, now.

So, without further ado:

Lisa and Piero’s English Inspired Los Feliz Home as featured on Apartment Therapy Love, love, love this home! From the deft mix of furnishings, to the gorgeous flowering quince wallpaper in the entry, to the bench made out of horseshoes — this is a truly inspiring space. Also, the tapestries that she made are funny but something I could never have on my walls. This home has inspired me to try some wallpaper and to make sure I have at least one cozy reading corner.

Tonia and Gregory’s Warm Coastal Home as featured on Apartment Therapy. This is another really unique,beautiful space, located in Australia. I love the use of sandstone for the walls, it’s so warm. Also, the use of blues and teals throughout is really nice. The floors pretty much glow — such lovely wood! The curved copper wall in the upstairs is perfect in the space, and the owners do a fantastic job with the open layout. The outdoor area is really beautiful, too. This is a personal space that features several pieces of artwork from family members. Just lovely.

This home tour, a fun and funky family abode is a Portland house done by a designer and featured on MyDomaine. I’ve been looking at it once a week since I first saw it in January. I really love the color palette. By the designer’s admission, they used about 8 different shades of teal. I didn’t count, but I agree that the use of varied textiles does include a lot of teal — and it’s awesome. I particularly like the way that the living room and dining room work together. The large artwork in the dining room is stunning both visually and price-wise. I tracked it down and, let me just say, I will be admiring it from afar. The lighting choices are nice, from the lamps to ceiling light in the dining room.

This next tour, a Neat and Tidy Home by the Bay is from Design*sponge. It is quite minimalistic and considered. I like the mid-century credenza and the other mid-century pieces. I like how spare and tranquil the design seems. Also, I absolutely adore the study. The color is so deep and rich. I want that color for my house!

In this tour, A Designer’s 370 Renovated Square Feet, shows how a restrained color palette can be really helpful in a small space. I really love the kitchen here. The walnut counters are so warm and I also think the use of the vintage stove was a great choice. I like the open shelving and the use of plants in every room. So personal and warm. So many good ideas here.

This is a really good home makeover. It’s also from Design*sponge, and is called the Little NoPo Farmhouse. It’s a tiny little farmhouse that the owners redid in just a few months. What a transformation! I think the restrained color palette here was also a winning choice. Lots of white, a little black, and the use of gorgeous rugs in shades of red is a real winner with me. I just love the back porch-turned-office and I love what they did with the kitchen. The floors are also great. I don’t know if I could keep white painted floors, but, as hard as we are on floors, I think it would be nice to have something we could repaint if we needed/wanted to.

And, finally, I really like Victoria’s new house, as was featured on Refinery29. Victoria recently got a house in L.A. I like so many things about it. All of the white, of course, and the Saarinen tables, the Nelson light fixture, the vintage rattan daybed, and the wall of books. Her style is light, bright, personal and pared down. It looks like a relaxed and interesting space.

Ok, those are some of the ones I’ve been enjoying lately.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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