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Well, Howdy.


I’ve been so absent here. There are lots of reasons. Lack of computer, being busy, rehabbing a house (see pic at the end of the post), homeschooling a boy, other changes. Everything good. Except for the computer…which, I have one now. My dad’s. Every day I log on I see that it’s Joseph’s iMac. I’m sure that Jon could have taken that off when he set it up here, but I’m so glad he didn’t. Seeing “Joseph’s iMac” always makes me smile. I miss Papa Joe. He was a great one.

Anyway, here’s a rambling catch-up sort of post. I was going to post about my favorite house tours. And, I’ll probably do that soon. After all, I like sharing pretty stuff, and I like having things in one place, to remember.

So, how are we? Well, really well. Jon is doing great in his job. The folks at our church are really nice. People here in Starkville are uncommonly kind. It’s great.

The boys, well, we are in for it this year. Why? Because, come the end of May, I’ll have two, that’s right, TWO graduating seniors. What either of them will be going on to is still in the works. Nathan is university bound. We don’t know which one to, yet. James, well, we’re looking for part-time jobs and looking for training and looking for someone, somewhere, to realize that he’s a great guy who is worth employing. So, we’ll see where that goes. Charlie is a sophomore and having an okay year. I don’t know how my boys got to be so old. I don’t know how it is possible that I have an almost nineteen-year-old, a seventeen-year-old, and a fifteen-year-old. What???? Oh, and yes, let us not forget Eli. That precious buster is eleven years old. I’m homeschooling him and I basically spend my days vacillating between being bowled over by his creativity, laughing at his hilarious remarks, marveling at the brain of the boy, and wondering what word count he is at for the day. He talks a lot. A LOT.

Anyway, that’s about it. Summed up.

I’ve got to go grab a pumpkin cake out of the oven. Yes. The season of pumpkin is upon us, y’all. (Though, to be honest, it’s always pumpkin season with me.)

Ok, this happened a while ago. But, I love a good before and after. This falls into the rehabbing category that I mentioned above. This is our tv room.

Here it is, in its former glory.


This is the room that I tried to unite with paint. We had five(!) different wall coverings, and so I thought paint was worth a shot. I looked forever for paint and tried a fair few until I decided to go with Benjamin Moore Red Parrot that I had colormatched at Lowe’s. I was hoping, actually, to hit close to Blazer by Farrow and Ball, and I think that I came really close. I love, love the color of the room. It makes me happy.

More progress photos…and please tell me I’m not the only one who paints in her pjs.


And, here is a shot of the room and Eli as he was eagerly awaiting some friends to come and swim. I’ll show more later. Because, I haven’t even talked about the floors, and the ceiling, and the light fixture, and Jon’s awesome job that he did on the set of steps leading to the kitchen and living room. Clearly, there is more to share.


We’re getting there.

Happy day, y’all!


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