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Songs for your Friday


I don’t know what happened, but I seem to have misplaced my hustle. I hate it when that happens.

This is a the sort of day day I would want to skip school, if I had to go to school, which I don’t. I have a long list of activities, of course, along with an overwhelming desire just to chuck the lot for today and go prowl through the Dirt Cheap. I won’t go though, because even though my hustle is on the lam, my priorities and the responsibility I feel to get stuff done is omnipresent.

So, I’m going to employ music in a bid to regain the misplaced hustle.

Sounds like a plan, right?

1. This guy, Paolo Nutini, sounds a lot like a young Al Green. Which makes perfect sense, since he’s Italian-Scottish. What?

2. Louis Prima: Hey Boy! Hey Girl!

3. Handle With Care by The Traveling Wilburys. Woohoo! An ’80s video! You know you want to sing along…

4. The Devil Ain’t Lazy by Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three. . I saw them perform the song in St. Louis, in front of a magnificent museum, in the middle of a beautiful park, on the prettiest night in June. Good memories.

5. Xander Cardinale: Made for You.. Kind of a basic song but I like singing along (really loudly) on the chorus.

Ok. My hustle still hasn’t returned. I’m off on a hustle hunt.

Tally ho! And, happy Friday, y’all!

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