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Hi, y’all!  I hope that this finds you having a pleasant Wednesday!  Today I’m cleaning and hanging pictures and buying a shower curtain — among other things.

Yesterday, I ran across this quote of Robert Farrar Capon from his great book The Supper of the Lamb.  It’s a good one.

“Do you see what that means? In a general way we concede that God made the world out of joy: He didn’t need it; He just thought it was a good thing. But if you confine His activity in creation to the beginning only, you lose most of the joy in the subsequent shuffle of history…How much better a world it becomes when you see Him creating at all times and at every time; when you see that the preserving of the old in being is just as much creation as the bringing of the new out of nothing. Each thing, at every moment, becomes the delight of His hand, the apple of His eye. The bloom of yeast lies upon the grapeskins year after year because He likes it; C6H12O6=2C2H5OH+2CO2 is a dependable process because, every September, he says, That was nice; do it again.”

I keep meaning to buy that book instead of repeatedly checking it out of the library.  That I am contemplating buying a book considering all that I’ve unpacked recently is really the most ringing endorsement I could give.

Y’all have a good one!


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