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An Update and a Gorgeous Kitchen


I want to thank all of you who have been wishing/hoping/praying for my boys and the beginning of their school year.  It’s gone okay.  Fine, really!  There are kinks to work out, of course, and perhaps some swapping to do — but that is life.  Kinks and swapping should be expected.  We’re are just going to be flexible and do our best.

So, boys are in school.  Dear Jon is at work.  I find myself at home with the dog and the bird and a lot to be done.  Did I mention that this house is a bit of a project?  Yes, and how.  I have many things to do to make it look better.  But, we’re only talking about cosmetic, cheapola (since it isn’t mine and I don’t care THAT much) changes.  So, I’m going to be posting those when I get around to figuring out how to make my camera work with this computer.

Meanwhile, I find gorgeous kitchens like this one.  Just so lovely.  I like everything about it.  Much of it is doable, too, but not in my house.  I shall dream about it and bookmark it for later in my life.  Just look at it and you’ll see how this alone diagnoses me as an optimist.

I hope y’all are well this Tuesday!  Have a good day….I’m off to spruce up and unpack my last box.  Yay!!!!!!!


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