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Cold as Flugens


Cold as Flugens
One of the dearest friends to my family has always said, “It’s cold as flugens!”, on particularly arctic days. So this morning, as I was letting Conan out at 6:30 a gust of wind blew into the house I immediately thought, “Flugens!”. But, what is a flugen(s)?

Thank you, internet.

Flugens — An intensive, chiefly southern. Hell, the dickens, tarnation, often in “cold as (blue) flugens.” Also, from 1830, “making money like flugens.” Also, flugens, furiously, in a rush. Other spellings: flugins, flujens, flujin. From “Dictionary of American Regional English,” Volume II, D-H, by Frederic G. Cassidy and Joan Houston Hall (1991, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, England). Page 499.


  1. i’ve never heard that expression. but i did often hear “hotter than blue famin’ blazes” and the dickens, and tarnation that the definition refers to. not sure if those are southern though. anyway, i enjoyed this short little post 🙂

  2. My grandmother Melissa Burton LOVING McLENDON was born and reared in Shelby County, Texas. She often said “cold as flujens.” My father thought the phrase was unique to her, even after I told him that I had seen it elsewhere.

  3. I’ve always heard it said something (the weather) was “hotter than flugen”, or that it was “colder than kraut”.

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