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Go Taylor Hicks!! I chose Taylor as who I wanted to win AI when he first tried out in Las Vegas. Didn’t even know he was from Birmingham at the time. He did a great job last night. Now I have “Levon” stuck in my head today. But that is okay.

Today will be interesting. I have to do all my normal stuff — plus getting my dear neighbor home from rehab. I really hope that she does well at home. Jon and our handyman spent much of yesterday trying to get her apartment safer and more accessible by installing grab bars, etc. I hope that it is enough. I know that she will be glad to be home. And we’re so happy to have her back.

I have to go. Everyone have a good day.


  1. NO, NO, NO!!!!! Annie, what is wrong with you? he is weird. nice guy, but i can’t stand the way he moves around while singing. i really like the crooner and the cute little kevin, the geek. and i love the girl, Paris. she is good. but not taylor!! =)

  2. I do think that Taylor’s style isn’t for everyone. I love his voice. I tend to like unusual voices and styles, sometimes. And I love Paris. She is great, great, great. I hope that she wins the whole thing.

  3. i will agree that taylor does have a good voice. i really do hope that paris wins! i think she is the best singer on the show. =)

  4. Becky,
    You are so young!!! The crooner? Come on, he was nearly vibrating! Yes, the young guy is cute,but the lisp is weird. He needs to avoid songs with too many ethessss (s). Yeah Taylor, Paris, Mandissa, so much talent this year…I don’t think I’ll be disappointed with who wins, but it will be hard to see some of those kids go.

  5. yes, i just liked the song he sang. he reminds me of michael buble. oh well, at least he didn’t get eliminated. =) paris, mandissa, lisa, and some of the guys. i really think that this year will be a girl winner. btw, i am not so young…

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