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The World Bird Sanctuary


The World Bird Sanctuary

is a great place to spend the afternoon.

We went there today and saw all of the wonderful birds that they have there, along with a wild eagle who was flying above and stressing out the captive eagles. They also have a hilarious talking raven

and a Eurasian Eagle Owl that Jon can always get to hoot for him. The eyes on that owl are so amazing.

I hope that y’all had a good Sunday.


  1. I love that place! There are so many beautiful owls! So, did you go see Ree yesterday?

  2. Abby, no, I didn’t go see Ree. I saw her last year when she was touring for her cookbook. I probably should have gone, but I feel like I’m at a tupperware party not buying tupperware when I go to a book signing and don’t buy a book. So, I stayed home.

  3. yeah, that makes sense. and i do remember that you had seen her before. well, maybe if ina ever comes through, i’ll drive down and we can go together. i still don’t have a couple of her cookbooks that i’d like to have so i could get them and we’d have something for her to sign 🙂 i hear alton brown’s fun to meet in person too. i don’t know if they ever go to st. louis, but i imagine people never come to random des moines! they’re missing out though 😉

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