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Happy Friday!

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I hope that you are having a good Friday!

I’m a bit scattered today.  Nothing big.  Just….

  • We’re having a photo taken of my whole side of the family tomorrow.  Yeeep.  Getting all of my busters to look in the same direction is a challenge, y’all.  The photo session will be immediately followed with fried catfish and strawberry cake.  So, even including the photo posing challenges of said busters, looks like an excellent Saturday.
  • I’ve just made a chocolate Bundt cake.  This one.   The aroma in the house right now is really distracting.
  • Tonight we are attending a church youth function.  Pizza and bowling.  My oldest son, James,  invited someone.   I sure hope that she can come.  The sweet soul has eaten lunch with James and his helper every day this semester.  Bless her.
  • I got tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel.  No biggie — just palpitations.
  • It looks like I might be taking a trip to Atlanta in the next few weeks.  Why is this important?  IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally, I stumbled across this recipe for a cocktail, known as the Paloma.  Wow, y’all.  This drink, more popular in Mexico than the margarita, sounds so awesome.  Grapefruit + lime + a touch of sweetness + tequila + a little carbonation=  awesome.  I will consume one this weekend.  Yes I will.

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

One Comment

  1. yay for youth and James’ sweet friend, yay for chocolate cake, yay for family photo, hope it went well, yay for tickets, and does it even need to be said…well i will, yay for IKEA! 🙂 Just make sure you rent a uhaul, well in my dreams we rent a uhaul. I’ve been meaning to write for a long while, things have been busy as you well know. End of school, i’ve forgotten so many things in the past few weeks, and we’ve been tardy many times over the past month. Things are going downhill fast and it just needs to end. Anyway, I am so excited about the possibility of yall coming this way? Maybe? Jon had talked to Joseph on FB. We would love for yall to stay with us, and i can also see about my parent’s condo. It is a small, but very cute place to stay :), whenever we make plans, I’ll just check with mom about it. Well, hope these last couple of weeks go well. Take care sweet Annie, and happy mother’s day to you!

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