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Happy Friday!

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I hope that you are having a good Friday!

I’m a bit scattered today.  Nothing big.  Just….

  • We’re having a photo taken of my whole side of the family tomorrow.  Yeeep.  Getting all of my busters to look in the same direction is a challenge, y’all.  The photo session will be immediately followed with fried catfish and strawberry cake.  So, even including the photo posing challenges of said busters, looks like an excellent Saturday.
  • I’ve just made a chocolate Bundt cake.  This one.   The aroma in the house right now is really distracting.
  • Tonight we are attending a church youth function.  Pizza and bowling.  My oldest son, James,  invited someone.   I sure hope that she can come.  The sweet soul has eaten lunch with James and his helper every day this semester.  Bless her.
  • I got tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel.  No biggie — just palpitations.
  • It looks like I might be taking a trip to Atlanta in the next few weeks.  Why is this important?  IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally, I stumbled across this recipe for a cocktail, known as the Paloma.  Wow, y’all.  This drink, more popular in Mexico than the margarita, sounds so awesome.  Grapefruit + lime + a touch of sweetness + tequila + a little carbonation=  awesome.  I will consume one this weekend.  Yes I will.

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

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