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A Kitchen and a Recipe


Hi y’all.  I hope that your Thursday is going well.  There is lots of pretty sunshine here this morning.  I purposefully sat in a patch of sunlight and ate my breakfast.  I think that’s going to become a morning ritual for me.  When the sun is in agreement, of course.

A few things that I wanted to share with you today (and to remember, myself):

THIS KITCHEN.  Boom.  What an amazing and doable renovation.  The designers took a kitchen and made it over using only paint, a few shelves, cut and glue cork flooring, and a few accessories.  Inspirational and doable are sometimes not one and the same…you know, for those of us who live with normal lives and have normal budgets, but in this case they are.  Simply gorgeous.


THIS PORK.  I have a confession to make.  I’m not the best meat-cooker.  Yes, I can fry chicken and grill things.  Yes, I can make a decent fish almandine, I can do stir frys, and I can make burgers with a grill pan.  I just haven’t had all that many success stories involving myself, pork, and an oven.  All that is over now, though, because of this recipe.  It also uses a pork loin, which is something that I’ve had less success with than, say, pork chops or tenderloins.  It was really good and so easy.  And, to quote Jon on the easy marinade/sauce that you make to go with it, “This sauce is the happy child of gravy and maple syrup.”   Yes.  And the sauce, along with leftover meat, makes a delightful sandwich for the next day’s lunch.

Happy Thursday!!



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