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From Anne Lamott…


I just finished reading Anne Lamott’s newest book, Some Assembly Required.

It was funny and I liked it.  My favorite quote from the whole book came when Anne and a friend were visiting India.  One of her lifetime dreams was to see the Ganges River at sunrise.  So, for several mornings in a row, she and her friend hired a boat driver and they took to the river at 5 in the morning.  It just so happened that each morning that they were out there, the river was socked in thick fog.  On what was like, the third or fourth morning, the boat driver kept saying, in response to the foggy river and the difficulty of seeing anything,

“Too much the foggy!”

Anne said that this statement basically summed up her thoughts about this life we live.  Too much the foggy! Yes, it seems like that sometimes.

I hope that y’all are well and holding on if Issac is heading your way.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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