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If You Are Thirsty….


I have a few suggestions for you.

For example, this drink, the Dark and Stormy, looks super yummy.  It also has the advantage of having an awesome name descriptive of the weather caused by this hurricane.  AB Chao shows her version on her blog today.  Ginger beer, spiced rum, lime and ice.  Sign me up!  Now I just have to find ginger beer in Starkville.  My hopes of that are not going to be set all that high, unfortunately.

Another thing that I wish to say on the drinking front is that I recently bought a Spoetzl Family Reunion 6-pack.  Found lots to like in there.  The Black Lager was nice and I especially loved the Prickly Pear.  It was great.  Try one of those if you get a chance. I think that they are only around for the summer.


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