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Orientation Conversation and a Quiz


Me:  So, J, how was orientation?

J:  It was fine.

Me:  Did you find your piano class?

J: Yes.

Me:   Did you meet your piano teacher?

J: Yes.  She was very nice.

Me:  Did someone help you find all of your classes or did you remember from our walk through yesterday?

J:  Yes.  Someone helped me.

Me:  Who helped you?

J:  She was a   (please leave your answer in the comments — a, b, or c) .

Answer choices:

a.  girl with tall ears and eyes the color of the horse shoe marshmallows in Lucky Charms.  Can I have Coke when I get home?

b.  girl with a boy’s name who was the size of a dwarf.  Can I have Coke when I get home?

c.  girl with a pointy head and a ring on every finger.  Can I have Coke when I get home?

Okay, y’all, fill in what you think J said about his helper….the conversations I have with that boy entertain me no end.


  1. Amabel guesses A

    My guess is B

  2. C – but I really don’t have a clue!

  3. It seems like it has to be A since it was so specific. But maybe that is just your good imagination.

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