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It’s Over, Hooray!


It’s Over, Hooray!

I’m talking about the first week of school. A week that I’ve whined about and wrung my hands over and generally dreaded like the plague only perhaps a little less than the actual plague has in fact, come and gone.

I’m glad it’s over.

All of the worrying over my square pegs came to nothing. I always forget that, as with many square pegs, that they are sort of endearing little folks and that they are in really great schools with some of the nicest people on this earth. Truly.

This won’t keep me from coming up with a First Day of School Cocktail. I told my friend, Denise, that someone should come up with one. She agreed with me that, yes, the need is there.

Maybe we should have a naming contest for this new drink. I vote that we call it A+. Now all I have to do is come up with the concoction. Of course, I have a while…thank goodness the first week of school comes but once a year.

Hope that y’all are having a good weekend.


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