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Those of Y’all Who Live in STL

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Those of Y’all Who Live in STL
should know that April Smith and the Big Picture Show will be at Off Broadway(right across from the Lemp Brewery) on Thursday night. Jon and I saw this band open for Langhorne Slim in February and they were great. April Smith has a fantastic voice and the music is hard to define but fun — the Riverfront Times calls it “songs that suggest vaudevillian folk, vocal jazz and genteel pop”. It’s kind of spunky. All the members of the band are super capable, and the drummer has the best drummer face I’ve ever seen.

So, if Thursday finds you wanting something to do around 9 or so, you should head on over there. Tickets are 8 bucks, you pay nothing to park, the beer is nice and, who knows, you might even get to see Beatle Bob in action. That alone would be entertaining as all get out.

You’ll have a blast — so, go!

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