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Why Late Night Baking and Rum Just Don’t Mix


Why Late Night Baking and Rum Just Don’t Mix

Last week was conference week at school. Ah, conference week — don’t get me started. Well, I guess that I could sum it up for you….we had 2 “he’s doing just fine”, one “this child is universally loved and appreciated and, look, he’s actually learning something”, and one “I just don’t know….” after which I really wanted to either buy his teacher a beer or give her a hug — or both.

So, back to the purpose of this post which can be summed up as this: Baking late at night is not the smartest thing to do. Also, remember to buy vanilla — otherwise you might have to substitute other liquids with questionable results.

Why do I say the above? Because, last week, I remembered that I’d volunteered to bring an apple cake to my son’s school. The Parent Teacher Organization provides snacks for the teachers on conference nights and so I signed up to bring something. They needed it the next morning. Now, baking at night isn’t the best thing for me. I’m not the most exact person at any time of the day but at night, well, I’m less exact than usual. So, I tried to pull myself together and concentrate, because when I bake for other people, I try to step it up a notch.

For instance:
I don’t lick the spoon.
I try to remember all the food safety rules.
I measure and stuff.

I must say that I was doing a great job. The cake came out beautifully. So, on I went to make the caramel sauce. Now, the sauce calls for vanilla. But I had used rum instead of vanilla when I had made this cake for my church’s harvest party and people seemed to like it. I even won 2nd place — so I figured that it would be okay. The sauce was really coming together until I decided to put a dash of the rum in the sauce, and, since I was sort of distracted and not really bothering to get out the teaspoon my dash turned into a GLUG, GLUG, GLUG.

The resulting sauce smelled very rummy. Very, VERY rummy. It was late. I didn’t have the ingredients or the will to try again. So the rummy cake went to school.

Now I wonder if I be branded as the mother who tried to get the staff drunk on conference night? I hope not. My cake plate is still at school. Maybe I’ll wait a few weeks before claiming it.

I hereby pledge to refrain from late night baking — until next time.


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