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Sleepy Conversations


Sleepy Conversations
My youngest is still taking a nap on most days. Today he told me that he was tired around noon and by one o’clock (after we read several books) he was in dreamland. The problem is that he wants to stay up late if I let his nap go overlong. So lately I’ve been trying to wake up the little darling. This leads to some funny exchanges.

Me: Hey, Sweet Boy, time for you to wakey-wakey.
4th son: sniff
Me: Little Barlow, you need to wake up now.
4th son: sniff I smell cheese.

He sits up and the conversations continues.
Me: What do you smell?
4th son: I smell cheesy cheese from da moon.
Me: Really? The moon has cheese?
4th son: Yes, the moon has wots of cheesy cheese, you know. I wuv cheese. sniff

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