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Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day
I hope that a good Memorial Day is being had by all of you.

Memorial Day means the start of summer for us. And, summer beginning means, among other things, that I need to get some new sunglasses. Now, in years past, I actually cared about sunglasses. Those days are gone. Now all I care about is having some sunglasses that are dark enough to block out lots of sun and plain enough to not make me burst out laughing when I catch a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror. A couple of years ago, my dear mother donated one of her pairs of sunglasses to me when she found out that I didn’t have any. The particular pair that she gave me looked like they came straight from the face of J-Lo. And, while they looked fine on me (oval- shaped face = wear nearly any kind of glasses) the glasses themselves were so very glamorous that they seriously clashed with my chinos-and-a-t-shirt look. And, a very little part of me wondered what my neighbors thought when they saw me wearing them. They probably thought that I was trying to be stylish *for once* while the truth was that I’m just frugal. Free sunglasses are my favorite kind of sunglasses. So, other’s opinions of me aside, if I could locate the J-Lo shades, they would be just the ticket to me saving 10 bucks this summer, but since I can’t find them I got some new sunglasses at Marshall’s. They are very plain and very dark brown. They also don’t make me laugh hysterically at my reflection in the rearview mirror — a real plus when it comes to operating a car loaded down with precious blond eccentric boys.

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