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For Those With Sandpaper Hands


For Those With Sandpaper Hands
I have dry skin. Let me say that again, I have DRY, DRY, DRY skin. Especially on my hands. I feel like I’ve tried everything: scrubs, creams, going to sleep with cotton gloves. Nothing lasts beyond about 2 handwashings. And, the thing that I don’t like about it, besides the actual discomfort and asthetic problem, is that people in general think that you don’t care what your hands look like. That isn’t the case with me. I do care and they look terrible, anyway. Now, I have found something that really, truly helps. It is this product. They carry it at Trader Joe’s here in St. Louis and I think that it is like, $5.50 or something. It smells really great and keeps my hands smooth and from looking like the skin on the feet of a bird of prey for at least a few hours. The first night I bought it, I put it on and got Jon to touch my hands. He said, “Oh, they feel like the hands of a girl.” And then he said, “Just kidding!” at the exact same time as I said, “I’m blogging that!” So there you have it.


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