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Thank You for Asking….


Thank You for Asking….
the slipcover is going really well. And, I really do mean thank you for asking because I’ve seen a few of y’all in person lately and you kindly asked me about my progress. Hopefully, I’ll be finished with the main part soon and will then make the cushion and then be finished. I’m at the crazy stage now — the darn thing is just so huge. I was sewing it yesterday and had imaginations that I was sewing my very own tent or perhaps the sail of a very large ship. Seriously, it is gigantic. I probably would have done more yesterday except the boys wanted to play in the snow when they got home. This means that I got to go out and play, too, since I have a few progeny that can’t be trusted to stay in the yard. It was fun, sort of, but the Alabama girl in me would like for it to melt and go away. Do you hear me, Snow? Your exit is desired.

Back to the slipcover.

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