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TV and Stuff

Jon and I watched the season finale of 24 last night. It was good. And, I think that the ending was the most predictable of any thus far. You know that things are about to fall apart for Jack the moment that he looks more happy than he looks tortured. So next season should be interesting. What a totally new angle for the show. The only question that I have about this season is this: What house/houses did the set designers use for inspiration for the Presidential Retreat? Because, I would be really interested in reading about that. I totally loved seeing the house in the scenes that were shot there.

I really hope that Taylor does well tonight. I think that AI is his to lose. Isn’t this a funny — though happy — ending? In the beginning I was hoping that he would just make the 12. Never would have predicted this.

I ordered the fabric for my bag today. I also ordered this ribbon and this ribbon to make a reversible belt with this buckle. The great thing about making things like this is that they are not undone 2 seconds later, unlike the grilled cheese that you made for lunch or the floor you swept just a minute ago. I think that is why I like to make stuff. It is nice to do something that stays finished. Don’t you agree? 🙂


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