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I Love Goodwill


I Love Goodwill

Every week, J and I go to the Goodwill store before volunteering at my 2nd son’s school. J loves it because he gets to look at the books for 30 solid minutes. He also loves that I let him spend $1 on books there every week. I love it because I get to quickly walk around and hit all the high points. I always start at the shoes. I’ve had some great success finding new shoes there. For instance, a few months ago, I found one of my sons a new pair of Keen shoes there. Just a couple of weeks ago I found a barely worn pair of Dansko clogs. They didn’t fit me, but they did fit my friend Annie. Finding things there for friends makes me happy, happy! The other things I always look for: fiesta ware, colored pyrex glass bowls, cast iron, and whatever piece of clothing each of my males is running short on. There is always something that needs to be replaced around here.

So, I don’t really look for myself all that much. I don’t like having extra things, really, I’d rather just wear things repeatedly. Now, you should know that my attitude about not having extra really doesn’t extend to jewelry. I’m a Southern girl, y’all. We like our jewelry…and our china. Anyway, I spied this necklace last week in the case and just had to have it. I liked the leaf motif and the modern sensibility. I also loved the fact that it is sterling.

Most of all, I liked the price. $2. YES!

Happy Monday!


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