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Happy First Day of Winter, Y’all


Happy First Day of Winter, Y’all

Also, I’m sorry to be absent here from blogdom for over a week. There are many reasons, of course, and most bloggers would cite the busy holiday season that we’re having. My reason is that I needed/wanted to rearrange my bedroom. It came about, primarily, because I was trying to move the bed away from the window so that we wouldn’t freeze. The happy result, though, is that I not only like the arrangement better but also get so see the sky from my desk. Seeing the sky is a big deal for me. It makes me super happy.

So, the rearrangement moved the computer. This caused the spotty connection to the internet that I had been enjoying on one side of the room to become even more hit and miss when my desk was placed along the opposite wall. That, and my son chewed up the antenna for the computer.

I wish I was kidding about the chewing, but I’m not.

This same son has chewed many an object in his days. I should have started a chewed up list long ago. A list like that would be extensive and eventually funny (I think).

This same son just said a very naughty word a few minutes ago. He got in trouble and is now furiously blowing raspberries at me from behind the bathroom door.

I wish that I was kidding about this too, but I’m not.

This same boy will be sharing some more songs on Wacktopia soon. And, Jon has fixed my internet connection. Now that it is galloping along I can get songs uploaded so much faster. So, yahoo for that.

Finally, this same boy has finished a semester of art class. He’s brought home several pieces of art that I’ve liked. He is my son, after all, and I will admit to extreme partiality.

But, I don’t think that partiality is the reason that I think that this sculpture is awesome.

Isn’t this bear wonderful? It has a hole on the back for hanging. I can’t wait to find a good place to put it. I just love it…if I was Royal Tenenbaum this would be my havalina.

The islands of ability that this son has are really interesting. The brain is a funny place.

Well, I’d better get going with stuff around here. I’m going to be sharing a great recipe tomorrow.

So, come back, y’all, you hear?


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