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Drum Roll, Please


Drum Roll, Please

The name of J’s new blog is Wacktopia. It is totally like him to be given a list of possibilities and then come up with something completely different. Part of me thinks that we should instead call it Grumpola because he’s just being so pleasant (not) about it.

Needless to say, the blog is still very rough and very much a work in progress. We have to work on the header and have been talking about what image to use, etc. I think that it is good for him to have to have these discussions, though. I think, too, that it will be good for him to do some writing for the blog.

The first thing he put on there is a snippet of the song, “Naughty Number Nine” from School House Rock. Y’all might remember it from Saturday morning cartoon time. It is just a 20-something second segment of the song. Here it is:

I just love this stinker.


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