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The Slipcover Is Finished


The Slipcover Is Finished
well, sort of. Today I’ll finish the hem, tack it underneath the sofa frame, and sew the buttons on the cushion closure. That is it. All the major sewing is done and I’m so, SO happy about that. I wish that I had a video of me during that last hour of sewing that I did last night before dinner. First off, I had decided earlier in the day that I WOULD BE FINISHED with the last cushion cover by dinner. I basically looked like one of the contestants on Project Runway after Tim Gunn comes in for the last time and says, “Make it work!” I was sewing like my life depended on it. Except, you know, contestants on that show don’t have a 3 year old little boy alternately hanging on them and climbing their chair. They also aren’t having conversations with an 8 year old or helping a 10 year old with homework while doing all of their frantic sewing. Do you know the funny part? That last cushion cover went so smoothly. That is the problem with making slipcovers — by the time you have experimented and figured out how to do something you are basically finished. Actually a lot of other things in life are that way, now that I think about it. I’ll post pictures when the whole thing is really, really totally finished.

Annie’s To-Do List (now that the slipcover is finished)
1. All out organization of the whole house, starting with the upstairs and ending with the boys’ room/basement.
2. Learn Latin.
3. Make some skirts and dresses for summer.
4. Find swimming lessons for oldest 2 boys for summer.
5. Bake more bread.
6. Start going to the farmer’s market when the weather improves.
7. Slipcover the chair and ottoman (should be a breeze compared with the sofa)
8. Paint my outdoor bench.
9. Plant some herbs.
10. Make some homeade sausage.
11. Make the outside of the house look better.
12. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up — or in about 2 years. Whichever comes first.

A good weekend to you all!


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