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Well, this week will be interesting. It has definitely started off that way. Jon has 3 of his written comps this week and one next Monday. Hopefully, all will go well.

My grandmother passed away last week. It is hard to be sad about her passing, even though we will miss her, because of her failing health. She would have been 97 in October. Of those 96 and a half years, I think that she really enjoyed about 90 of them. She had a good life. What a hoot that lady was. You never wondered where you stood with her. She always informed you. I personally ALWAYS wore my long hair up in a bun when visiting her. She had opinions about hair and just about everything else. She made the best banana pudding and the best green beans that I have ever had. And, I will always think of her when I smell really sweet bananas. She was a really hard worker. When I think about my grandmother’s life and about all that she did and endured — even though she had a good life — I am really humbled, in a way, because I just don’t feel like I’m made of such sturdy material, myself. I know that my grandmother, at the age of 31 (my age) could have wiped the floor with me. And when I think about the work that she daily did — it just astounds me. But every farmer’s wife of the early and mid 20th century did that much work. They all just worked so hard. Maybe that should be an inspiration for me.

Mama Smith, you were a true original and I will miss you.


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