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Electricity is a Lovely Thing

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Electricity is a Lovely Thing
We have power back. I can’t believe it. Truly, I thought that I was going to have to bid farewell to my home of the last 10 years with the power still out. But, those folks at the power company really came through. So, I have one full day to finish packing. I’m really looking forward to it. Because, I’ll actually be able to SEE what I’m packing. To quote Jon, “It is just so amazing how light from the ceiling finds its way into the corners so well.” Flashlights and lanterns are great, but when you have to pack a basement….well, they just won’t do.

Another blessing, when the power comes back, he brings my servant girls with him. Funny how that works out. The Maytag twins are back, along with Whirlpool and the GE family. I sure do miss them when they are not working for me. Hope that they had a good vacation because, boy howdy, do I have a lot of stuff for them to do now.

Speaking of doing stuff, I should probably get to sleep. The next few days are going to be interesting and activity-filled. Y’all take care.

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