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Finishing Projects


Finishing Projects
You know how, a few posts ago, I wrote about the projects that I had planned and about how making things is fun for me because they stay finished, unlike all the other things in my life? Well, I’m just about ready to take it all back. This brown dress that I’m making is about to become my white whale. Yes, I’m new to garment making. But everything about it has been difficult. The fabric, while pretty, has been really hard to work with. It slides around and pins just fall out of it. This is a big problem for me, since my motto when it comes to sewing clothing is “pin it together and then pin it some more”. (Insert yell of frustration here.) Not only that, but the dress itself, while easy to put together, has been kind of hard to fit on myself, since it buttons in the back. When I will use my brain while picking out projects, I don’t know. So, all this to say that I now have finished the dress, except for buttons and buttonholes that must be done before the hemming. I want to wear it on Sunday. We shall see if it can be done. One way or the other, I’m going to wear this dress sooner rather than later. I’m stubborn like that.


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