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Ingredient Snob


I admit it. Sometimes I’m an ingredient snob. To illustrate my position here, you should know that I don’t insist on organic or locally sourced or pesticide free anything like that — though I think those things are great.

I really do.

My snobbishness mainly consists in wanting to actually understand what is in my food. You know, words I can actually pronounce.

Since I do a lot of whole foods cooking, I actually don’t run into this problem all that much.

But I do have a problem with it when my baby asks for a cake with frosting from a can.

So, I hunted around and thankfully found one that was choclatey, glossy, and having the exact consistency as that I could get out of a can.

Here it is.

It is awesome. Also, it can be achieved with butter, sugar, cocoa, cream, sour cream and espresso (optional).

It’s a keeper!

Happy Tuesday!!


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