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Ryan Adams Monday

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Hi y’all.

I had to borrow deodorant from my husband today because I was out. Somehow, I don’t think Old Spice’s Swagger is really me. Funny how a little thing like fragrance can make your whole day weird.

I’m in a Ryan Adams mood today.

I heard Answering Bell this morning and it was what I needed to hear, for some reason. I didn’t know this song of his. Why? Well, I got home, looked it up, and saw that it was on an album released in 2001. Yep. Those were the brain-turned-into-applesauce years for me, y’all. They were hazy years, ya’ll. Years that I just basically endeavored to not lose my marbles.

So, it is a happy thing to hear it today because, thankfully, most of my marbles remain and my brain is not 100 percent applesauce now…though on the actual percentage I don’t really care to speculate.

(He reminds me strongly of Van Morrison here. What do you think?)

Are you in applesauce-brain years? Fear not. They, too, shall pass.

This I know.

And, I will always like his song, Dirty Rain, from the album, Ashes and Fire.

Not really bouncy, happy songs, necessarily, but they fit my bill for today.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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