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Peppy Music and Tea and Praying Mantises


Happy Monday, all!

In the back yard today, I saw what seemed to be hundreds of baby praying mantises coming out of their egg. Pretty amazing. I was by one of our pecan trees when I noticed that the bark looked like it was moving. Did you know that a praying mantis is known as an apex predator? The things that I learn from my son, Charlie. I would have snapped a picture, but it was sort of a spellbinding thing and, also, with the light and the speed of the insects (they are fast), I don’t think that I would have gotten a decent image, anyway.

After we came in, Eli decided that we needed to have tea. So, we did. Nothing like an Oreo (or four) in the morning.


He also decreed that we needed peppy music while we had our tea.

Wallace and Gromit to the rescue! We listened to this and drank our tea and felt British, indeed.

Speaking of peppy music, I’ve been really liking Jake Bugg lately. He sounds like a youngish Dylan, to me, for some reason. I just love nearly-perfect little songs that are less than 3 minutes long. I think I have a case of adult-onset lack of focus, or maybe (definitely) lack of patience. Oh well. Also, the older I get the more I dislike slow, mellow music. What is happening here?

Anyway, here he is doing Lightning Bolt.

Alright. Onwards and upwards, y’all. My to-do list beckons.

Have a good day, everyone!

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